Madam Nilin’s story of sadness, struggle, success and inspiration.

Father abandoned mother before my birth. He visited when I was 3 months old, never again. I cried for him every night, always missing him, hoping, waiting, and asking myself why I was so bad. Always imagining his return, his hugs and kisses. I dreamed of him walking me to school and other kids saying, “look, Nilin has a father”.

Mother married again but we were desperately poor. I had to help support the family. Feed the cows and work in the fields. Sold vegetables and fruit door to door in our small town. Sometimes we didn’t have enough food. I never had nice things or new clothes. But I never gave up. I wanted to change my life for the better. I believed one day I would be successful.

After secondary school, I had to leave my family. I stayed with my boss and worked 3 years as a maid. The money I earned paid for high school. I was lonely, cried many times and wondered what happened to my life? I studied hard and kept dreaming of better days. The hard times passed slowly. When I finished high school, an old problem returned. No money.

My mother did not have money to support a university education. I decided to borrow money from the government for Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University. My goal was to become a teacher and help children find a better life. I studied hard and earned honors. After graduation, I became a temporary teacher for one year, then took government exam. At the age of 21, I was a government teacher.

At the age of 30, I married an older man with a construction business. He’s a smart guy from a rich family. They didn’t want him to marry a poor woman. I moved to his city of Prachinburi, east of Bangkok. I taught during the day and joined him on construction sites after school and weekends. Watching and listening, I learned enough to start my own construction business.

I loved my husband very much and we have a wonderful son. Unfortunately, he kept cheating on me, hurting me, leaving me lonely to be with younger girls. Eventually, I said, “No more” and we got divorced. My son now lives with me and I’m friendly with his father.

I still enjoy teaching at Watwattanarangsri primary school and have my own successful construction business. This year, I’m finishing a 57 commercial unit project in Kabinburi.

Now I’m working with my new husband, Greg. He started this website and our Natural Thai Beauty marketing theme. One of our goals is to help Thai woman earn money reselling Madam Nilin products. Teach them how to sell, manage inventory and learn what it takes to run their own business.